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SKIN: Meeshman’s Canadian Army CADPAT (Arid)

Posted in insurgency by Argyll on July 6, 2008


Author: Meeshman

Review: If you are Canadian, this is an essential skin to use. It changes the current MARPAT camouflage into CADPAT. Arid pattern on the uniform and helmet, while the TacVest is temperate pattern. Very distinguishable from the enemy, so it helps minimize blue on blue.

This is accurate to a certain time period when Canadian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan did look like this, however now they are issued an arid pattern vest or wear a custom one.

An improved version could see some more dust on it, as it seems a bit bright. Also, tone down the wrinkles. An arid pattern vest would also be nice to see.

Goes great with: M4+EOTECH



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