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2.1 RC2

Posted in insurgency, news by Argyll on July 16, 2008

The INS team has already announced plans for a quick patch to be released ‘this weekend’ addressing a few minor issues.

Simple copy/paste on what they said:

Following the considerable amount of feedback we have received from you over the last few days, we have decided to release Insurgency Beta 2.1 RC2 this weekend. This will be available both as an incremental update and as a full release. Linux server files will be also released to go with this update. All available official servers will be also upgraded to the new version as soon as it’s available to give you a place to play while other admins set up (finally!) their own Windows or Linux servers.

Bugs fixed:

  • Volume slider in music options works properly now.
  • Scoreboard is now showing all the players.
  • Weapon caches don’t give players extra / infinite grenades that they shouldn’t.
  • A bug affecting some classes loadouts has been fixed.
  • The in-game message notification panel will now show the correct colors (blue or red depending on the team).
  • Fixed an annoying “unconnected has disconnected” message.
  • Random sound effects that could be heard while tweaking the options menu have been addressed.
  • Fixed a number of known crashes after collecting minidumps from the community.
  • The Shader Effects Update patch will no longer be necessary.

Map issues that are being addressed:

  • ins_sinjar is undergoing a deep overhaul.
  • ins_samawah_day is receiving some improvements.
  • Other maps might receive minor additional updates for this release.

Sound issues being fixed:

  • USMC voices will be reverted to the previous version (2.0 voices).
  • Insurgent voices will be updated.
  • Some weapon sounds will be improved.

There are a few other known bugs already being worked on, so I’ll update this list anytime a new fix is implemented and confirmed for the next release. We have scheduled our testing for Friday, and only after that will we confirm the exact release date. In any case, our intention is to make INS 2.1 RC2 available during the weekend.

Thanks a lot for the positive feedback (and constructive critiques) that you have given us during this week! 2.1 RC1 met an excellent response from you, and we’re expecting 2.1 RC2 to be better, and finally give you the opportunity of setting up your own Linux servers.

It is nice to see a fix so quickly. I wonder how long it will take for them to realize that there is no M203 third person firing sound… They still haven’t noticed this little issue (with a simple solution) that has been around for months, since it would be nice to know how random explosions kill.


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