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DEWMED: The tier-system

Posted in insurgency by Argyll on August 4, 2008

I discovered the following text, authored by Finli, in the ‘Forum of Dewm’ on the INS Forums. Apparently it wasn’t up for discussion according to the Devs. It is great for discussion here.

First of all, I know there’re enough other threads about the tier-system around and I shouldn’t talk about something which I haven’t seen yet, blablabla.

However, when I heard about the unlock-system, I was kinda surprised, cause I didn’t know what the Marines should have as unlock weapons. The current weaponry is even far too much.
For the Insurgents, I think that a tier-system would work. They’ve access to many weapons: AK47, AKM, AK47S, AKMS, RPK47, some AK74, Makarov, TT-33, RPG7ironsight and RPG7scoped, FAL, G3A3, G3A4, Al-Kadesiah, SVD, Romanian and Bulgarion AK-clones, Chinese AK-clones, … (omg, so much weapons)

But what should the USMC get?
Before you can understand my suggestion, you’ve to know that IMHO the only USMC weapons should realistically be: M16A4 with TA31RCO-A4, M249, M9, M14DMR, SAM-R, M16A4 with M203 and M1014.
They don’t use any more weapons. (At least not common enough.)

So my suggestion for an USMC tier-unlock-system would be the following:

After a fireteam (or a whole squad? Give me your opinion!) reaches 100 points (more or less? Your decision.), during the next 1-3 respawns (dicuss!) the fireteam will respawn as Force Recon Marines.

Therefore, the Marines would have access to better weapons.
For example:
Rifleman: M16A4 w/ ACOG -> M4A1 w/ M68CCO + M9
Automatic Rifleman: M249 -> Mk49 w/ Elcan scope + M9
Squadleader: M16A4 w/ ACOG + M9 -> M4A1 w/ Eotech Holosight 551 + MEU(SOC)1911
Grenadier: M16A4 w/ M203 -> M4A1 /w M203,Eotech + M9
Marksman: M14DMR + M9 -> SAM-R + MEU(SOC)1911

This way, the unlocks wouldn’t be too overpowered, cause on the one hand the Marines would get full-auto rifles but on the other hand they’ll lose their ACOG with 4x magnification and BAC.
Of course, this would also need some new playermodels/skins.

I know, this idea isn’t 100% realistic (cause Force Recon don’t operate within a normal Marine Squad) but it would be much more believable than a normal Marine infantry Grunt with a M4A1.

That being said, I have only to add:
Plz discuss my suggestion!

Feel free to discuss in the comments below.


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