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Posted in insurgency by Argyll on August 4, 2008

Thanks to cline for posting this on the INS Forums.

There is a website out there, called Tacticum, that allows you to upload maps of game levels in order to draw tactics over them.

I have created an ‘Insurgency’ group for tacticians of INS to join.

First, you have to register.

Then, once you have registered and logged in, you need to join a group.

In ‘Group Management‘, there will be a drop-down box with a list of groups. Select ‘Insurgency’. Then, click on the image to the right to send your request.

I will approve you, then we can work on developing tactics for the INS levels together. I have already uploaded hi-res images of the levels that we can work with.


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  1. Aleho said, on August 10, 2008 at 13:17

    Hello INS Legacy,

    I noticed you guys have discovered tacticum and are probbly using it.
    My name is Aleho, one of the creators of tacticum.

    If you have any remarks, requests or bug reports, please let me/us know.
    Any feedback is mostly appreciated. And stay tuned, we are working on some new features on the tactical center.

    With kind regards,

    Team Tacticum

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