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Posted in insurgency, news by Argyll on September 30, 2008

Next week, Insurgency will be available to download for free over Steam. Also, more importantly, Steamworks will be integrated with INS.

The implementation of Steamworks is perfect for the original plans of implementing a stats system in INS.

Hopefully this means that the current ‘leadership’ won’t give up on using the existing Source engine as their platform instead of trying to recode (from scratch) the entire mod on Orange Box. Remember how many years it took to code the first Source version?

We need more updates to INS on Source. Hopefully the team knows where to take the mod, although I have my doubts given their track record.  Having INS on Steamworks and Steam is a great decision for the team to make, although it was an obvious one.

And on a separate administrative note, insurgo has left the INS community due to his frustration with the lack of support for this website by the INS development team. They banned him from the Forums for posting links to this website, which is all content about promoting the INS mod. I apologize for the website laying dormant for the past while, but since insurgo left I (Argyll) have been extremely busy traveling and moving across the country (again).  I will try to continue this website, as I believe INS can get much better with community involvement.  For the sake of convenience, since I post from the same account, I will just change all author titles to myself.


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