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(Good?) News

Posted in insurgency, news by Argyll on October 6, 2008

Just as I was thinking “hey, look at 3/5 of the mods released on Steam… they released with an update to their mod’s content, but INS was not one of those three,” there is a ‘status update’ on the INS website with some positive news:

The second best part:

Brand new map – ins_karam by Bluestrike (level designer of Karkar).

Four screenshots show an Afghan landscape, including a NATO base and villages.  A British Union Jack flag is flying… but no signs of British troops?  It is also great to hear that the insurgents will be on the offensive for once.

The best part:

Going against their own word, and going with my advice that I have been preaching for months (which they really wanted to choose to ignore), the development team has actually decided to release an update to INS on Source and it is currently ‘ready to be tested’ before being released over Steam.

Also, ESL has set up a pretty cool system for people to gather together and play INS together.

Check out all the details at:


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