INS Legacy

Teamwork gameplay

Posted in essentials, insurgency, promotion, review by Argyll on October 9, 2008

This video is candid gameplay footage, experienced in a public server, demonstrating the teamwork and tactical design features working as envisioned by Argyll, the founder, former project director and original designer of the Source mod Insurgency.

This match was not set up prior to recording, nor did the players know that it was being recorded.

It features the level ins_buhriz, set in Iraq, by Mike Majoris.

Featuring custom Canadian skins by Meeshman.
The HUD is disabled.


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  1. Victor said, on March 3, 2009 at 20:13

    this game is the true work of a visionary.
    I’m writing this after only 3 hours of gameplay. 3 years of airsoft. and 2 years of study into military doctrines and tactics.

    why did I say this, and why did I say it here, as a comment to this “tactical” example footage.

    give me a couple of weeks (maybe months) to get my airsoft friends to create a team in this game too :)

    what I’ve seen in the video above barely scratches the surface.

    It’s damn right obvious from all the corners of design, this game was made by someone who serviced in the field.

    This is truly a team based game, maybe 10 years ahead of it’s time.
    Again, the work of a true visionary.

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