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Interview of Chase

Posted in insurgency by Argyll on October 18, 2008

Ajvngou interviewed Chase Stone, artist for Insurgency’s background image, for (make sure to check out that site if you speak Czech, it looks pretty good) about his experience with the team.

So my name’s Chase Stone, I’m 19 and attending FIT in Manhatten for Illustration.
I got involved in Insurgency a few years ago after Delaz posted in this art forum i browse/post in, I was interested and responded, and after a little correspondence i started working on my first image for them.

My position on the team was Concept Artist though i joined after the actual concept art phase (Brian Flockhart did the concept art for the in game characters) my main contribution to the project were the two finished images (the one featured on the main screen and the one of the British soldiers) among a handful of other smaller things.

I drew both pieces in pencil first, then put them into photoshop adding color to the finished drawings. Anything i didn’t do on paper I’d paint in photoshop with a tablet and the brush tool, so really both pieces are a nice mixture of drawing and painting. But so when you look at the marine and insurgent (especially the insurgent) you are, for the most part, seeing a pencil drawing with color applied to it. As for time i did both over the course of several months working on and off, i put a lot of time into them.

I remember Jeremy [former project manager and art director] said he wanted the image to show both sides (marine and insurgent) equally, so i started off with that and figured the best way to show both would be having them back to back around the corner of a building. Eventually i decided a door frame would work better compositionally and make more sense, and after a good amount of work i ended up with the image you see today. I based the background loosely on the Baghdad map in the game.

I can’t really say if ill be doing another image for Insurgency, it’d be a lot of fun to do but I haven’t been in much contact with the team for a while so i guess we’ll see.

I have played Insurgency recently, and its a kick ass game. I’ve liked it since the very first version of the game, I think they did an amazing job and nailed the realism they were gong for. And they did it out of their free time! 


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