INS Legacy

“Are you trying to cheat?”

Posted in insurgency by Argyll on November 3, 2008

Chances are, you are not trying to cheat.  You are trying to have a better experience with Insurgency.

Well, the developers seem to think that there are scores of people ‘exploiting’ the use of custom models and skins to perform better than other players.

I play INS.  A lot.  I have never encountered anyone with a suspiciously high score and automatically think that they are exploiting the game.  Why?  Because the game is already designed against those people.

Anyone who has a high score in game is there because they secure many objectives and probably also get a many kills.  Often, I am in the top three on the scoreboard.  Why?  Because I tend to use teamwork to co-ordinate my team, assault and secure objectives, and kill the enemy while doing it.  I use the ‘exploitative’ weapons, but I equally use the default weapons.

Instead of outright banning the use of custom content, why not embrace it?

When I started this mod, it was designed to be modified with custom content.  I love the fact that the community has slapped on EOTech and other optics onto the weapons.  Why not ask these custom developers if their work can be used in the mod?

Take the M4 with EOTech and implement it in game so that everyone can use it, not just the ‘exploiters.’  There is no excuse not to.  ‘It is not realistic’ is a common excuse to not implement a feature, but an additional optical sight is ‘realistic.’

Why not design the mod so that players don’t have to resort to the use of ‘exploitative’ custom content?

If someone decides to download and use a player skin that helps them distinguish one team from another, then obviously some people have trouble distinguishing one team from another.  Instead of banning the use of custom skins (because it goes without saying that the vast majority of custom content users are not using it with the intent of ‘exploiting’), why not make it easier for the players to identify their team mates?  Well, the answer is ‘that would not be the easy way out’ and it seems that the INS team likes to take the easy way out instead of working towards a better solution.

It seems like there are many community members who agree with me.

View the discussion on the INS Forums here.

Also, this comes with a ban on the forums for any posting of custom content that is viewed as an ‘exploit.’  Thankfully, since the community won’t stand for this, Sgt. Jer {Cobra-Youth} has set up a place where you can find the content that will keep INS alive.  Visit it here.


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