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The hole deepens

Posted in insurgency, news by Argyll on November 7, 2008

The developers of Insurgency keep digging themselves into a deeper hole on the issue of limiting players’ use of custom content.

According to Dr. Spielmann, current ‘Project Lead’ of Insurgency, the developers think that “with the increase in the number of players, there has been a growing concern about the usage of illegitimate custom content that either provides unfair advantages or constitutes a hack/cheat/exploit.”

Since the Oct. 29 update via Steam, the mod has prevented the use of custom models, which has outraged the community of players.  

“Any optic added to a nonoptic weapon… should be considered an exploit,” says Jaboo224, the ‘Art Lead’ of the mod.

Several community members have responded negatively to the developers’ decisions with the reasoning that they are the ones who pay to play the mod via server hosting, and therefore should be the ones controlling the content and gameplay experience on their servers.

Spielmann goes on to explain that the community “seem to forget who is developing this game,” and is supported by Jaboo and endless into arguing that the limitations come for the sake of balance and prevention from exploitation.  Spielmann goes even further to suggest that fans of INS who don’t like the changes “can become a modeler for another mod and add Eotechs to each and every weapon out there, including knives, if that’s what you like.”

At the core of the justification by the developers, they allegedly “are tracking the scene,” but will not reveal the source of the numbers.

Statistics that are easily accessed show that the developers do not track the mod through playing it themselves in public.

Insurgency received its first update on Oct 29 since being launched on Steam in the beginning of October.  Since the publishing of this story, the leadership of the mod have played Insurgency in public the following amount of time in the past two weeks, ordered from most to least:

endless (Assistant Project Manager) 1.7hrs of INS [TF2: 2.5 hrs] – Steam rating: 2.5 Nearly Lifeless
Jaboo224 (Art Lead) 0.4 hrs of INS [DoD Source: 11.9 hrs] – Steam rating: 5.1 Halfway Cool
Dr. Spielmann (‘Project Lead’) no record of playing INS [Source SDK: 7.3 hrs, Left 4 Dead Demo: 0.3 hrs] – Steam rating: 4.7 Master of Nothing

It is important to note that time spent beta testing the mod is not recorded.  However, it is still important to play the public version to find out how the mod plays outside of private internal testing, which will always be different from general play.

The only good news about the above info is that Spielmann spent 7.3 hrs in the Source SDK and a further 7.1 hrs in the Source SDK Base, a sign that development of the mod continues.

What purpose do the developers have for developing the mod if they do not even play the game itself?  This questions the credibility of their design decisions since they are not based upon the developers’ perspective and experience in the public domain.



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  1. 1921 said, on November 7, 2008 at 13:04


  2. Sgt. Jer{Cobra-Youth} said, on November 8, 2008 at 02:03

    Thanks for this article Argyll!

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