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Anecdote: What wins games

Posted in anecdote, commentary, essentials by Argyll on December 31, 2008

As far as a public game goes, you can’t go wrong by doing these things. These apply only to Marines though cuz I never play Hadji.

1) Teamwork: It sounds cliche, but working in pairs or a group the more eyes and ears you have and the more superiority of fires the exponentially greater your chance of survival is. If one or two people are covering one way, cover a different sector of fire. You can’t look 360 degrees at once so you’re keeping each other from getting flanked or overrun.

2) Communication: Besides telling people you’re covering this area, or someone’s 3 for better teamwork, or telling someone you’re 203ing, nading a spot, or shifting fire to avoid TKs this is one is a pet peeve: not ADDRACing enemy locations. It’s no wonder players get frustrated that they get killed out of spawn or keep getting killed in the same area from seemingly nowhere. It’s because the 3 players who died there before didn’t say shit. It saves so many lives to say, “enemy on the roof opposite gas station to the right” or whatever to let everyone know someone is there. If you kill the guy great, but if you die now everyone knows a guy is there and 5 guys don’t blindly walk into getting schacked from the same guy.

3) Use your grenades. One of the most underused resources we have. Before running into a hot area, warn your team then throw a frag into a dead space (area you can’t see like the other side of a car or ledge). Even if someone isn’t right there, no one likes running into an area where grenades are going off all over the place. This is especially true of choke points like Objective spots, and ESPECIALLY at round start. Preemptively having the team throw their frags at objective A or wherever at round start keeps the enemy at bay more than you know.

4) On the same note, don’t use the SAW like you’re Rambo. If used to cover avenues of approach (an area a lot of enemy are likely to come through) you can keep the enemy suppressed a whole lot more so they can keep moving forward. You don’t need to always do this, but set up your saw on an AoA and keep laying down suppressive bursts even if you can’t see someone yet, especially at objective points. I always have enemy running right into my fire and it keeps them at bay so the enemy can get the objective. Obviously situation dictates as well. Don’t do this if you’re heavily in a heavily exposed spot that it’s just going to get you noticed and sniped. Also important: if you’re diong suppressive fire and you’re teammates move foward, that’s your cue to move up and continue supporting them! Don’t sit in one spot all round back near spawn just waiting for kills, push forward.

5) The 203 is your best friend. Possibly the most dangerous weapon in the game, I love this thing. Nothing is more annoying than someone using the grenadier class and wasting it by never using the 203. I can’t tell you how many times the team has been pinned down by an enemy in a well defended position, and one or two 203s over their cover or into a window blows their ass out so the team can keep pushing forward to get the objective. Also, just like nades, preemptively fire one or two of these off into dead space of a hot area or objective point, especially at round start. Having well placed HEDPs launched at the enemy does wonders in keeping the enemy back.

6) SAMK. Suppress, Assess, Move, Kill. If you’re sitting back near spawn on a roof waiting for kills, you’re wrong. If you’re hardcharging forward doing long Medal of Honor runs over open terrain, you’re wrong. You should be constantly pushing forward, but moving from cover to cover. If you’re running exposed longer than you can say “I’m up he sees me I’m down”, you’re probably gonna get hit. If you’re in a spot and get a bad feeling, find cover or get inside immediately. Also, before you get up, take a HARD LOOK at the area around you for human-like objects or muzzle flash. That extra second will allow you to see that well hidden guy in a building you would have got shot by.

7) Only choose commander if you’re going to actually use it and competently. If you’re 6 or aren’t going to lead, then decline it. Having a commander that communicates objectives to his team and chooses points he wants taken with some degree of rational tactics does wonders.

8) Use DM (designated marksman) to support the assault element of your team. Don’t be the one that sits at spawn looking for AWPz0rz kills. Find a position that allows you to overlook or support your team as they move through an area so you can warn them of an enemy position or take them down before they get sniped by someone 300m away.

9) Dispersion: do not all pile behind one piece of cover or you’re begging to get tagged by an RPKs enfalade fire or an RPG, spread out. On the same note don’t all pile toward one Objective point. Leaving one completely barren is what always gets the team flanked and leads to 5 guys setting up a shooting gallery at your spawn.

10) This is important on non-linear maps: once you get an objective don’t just leave it empty and move on. You need to have a few guys set up a defensive position on it or the moment you move on someone else gets to it and you wasted your time.

I’ve yet to see a game where if the Marines did these things and didn’t have an overpowering victory.

By -Tool- in the INS Forums


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