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(Re)Thinking Sinjar (Part 1: A + B)

Posted in anecdote, commentary, designtalk, essentials, insurgency, level design, review by Argyll on April 20, 2009

It is the most popular level available in servers for Insurgency.  You will find several options to play Sinjar 24/7.  It is a level to learn from.  What makes it so popular?  How is the gameplay style different from other levels?  How can we apply the success of Sinjar to current and future levels?

What needs changing?

The development team has recently mentioned that changes are coming to Sinjar.  Since it is likely to be months until we actually play a changed Sinjar, we have lots of time to come up with a wish list and analysis of the mod’s hit level.

This is the first part of the series, looking specifically the first two objectives.  A second part will follow looking at Charlie and Delta objectives.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on Sinjar (and the first two objectives in particular)  in the comments below this article.

Also, some of these ideas have also been thought of by posters on the INS Forums, which is a good thing that multiple players share this viewpoint.  Particularly, USMC-Dutch, Harkonnen, and Centar share a similar mindset.


As the Marines ascend the road on the first hill towards Alpha, everyone knows what’s coming.  Smoke trails are seen arcing towards the objective from the ridge.  Frag grenades follow, then the RPG’s.  By now, typically the second wave of reinforcements are on their way following death in a wall of explosions.

This is the first turning point: how did the teams approach the beginning of the round?

If the Marines were smart, they would have cover fire on the ridge and bunkers.  40mm dropping on the rock, Marines securing both buildings flanking the objective.  Holding the ground until the insurgent counter-attack is repelled.  Then they can secure the objective.

They also have several options to flank.  Flanking routes are longer and out of the way, but that is the risk you take since the reward is usually being in a position to cut off the enemy on their approach to bombard Alpha.

The open ability to flank is one of the unique qualities of Sinjar.  Its size and scale allow this to be successful.

If Alpha is not secured, then only 25% of the level is played.  If any extended battles over a single objective are to take place, it should be at the half-way or final objective points (C and D), not at A.

Part of Sinjar’s charm is the epic beginning and challenge of the first objective, but there need to be ways for the attacking team to have a little easier time so that they can experience the rest of the level.

Suggestions for Alpha:

  • Resupply point at the Humvees at the bottom of the road approaching Alpha.  This will provide support weapons that are necessary for clearing the ridge to resupply, but it is still risky to be moving up and down the road.
  • More cover on the road approaching Alpha, including: swallow ditch along the left flank, destroyed car for cover between Humvees and A.
  • Extend objective area into both buildings flanking the current area.
  • Left building wall facing the road should be destroyable by an M203 or frag.  This will provide easier access to the objective but only if the team is smart enough to destroy.
  • If a player falls off the ridge from the bunkers area across to Delta, they should die to prevent insurgents accessing the road from the start of the round.
  • Truck bordering Alpha should be blocked along the bottom to provide more cover.

Once Alpha is secured, the Marines spawn in the right building and make their way either up the ridge or along the road to Bravo.  The fight along the road is another one of Sinjar, and Insurgency’s, highlight moments.  The firefight is usually vicious as the Marines cautiously advance from vehicle to vehicle as the insurgents cover from the bridge and objective building.  To clear the defenders, flanking is almost essential via the double walls or field flanking the walls.  This area is typically defended from the garage wall, ‘hotel,’ and ammo point.  Enemy in the bunkers can easily stop the advance up the ridge.

Once the Marines have swept up the road, they can enter the objective while the best tactic is to have someone watching the enemy’s spawn exit from directly underneath the bridge.

Suggestions for Bravo:

  • Add a trench along the ridgeline from between the double-wall to where the concrete bunker is.  Replace the concrete bunker with a dug-out sandbagged area.  This will still provide defensive positions for insurgents, but can be cleared by attackers and used to support a flanking move in the open area.
  • Allow attackers to secure Bravo from on top of the objective building (but not on top of the bridge) as well as inside.

If you have any suggestions for the first two objectives, share them in the comments below!

Part Two will follow to solve issues addressing gameplay between Bravo to Charlie and then on to Delta.


3 Responses

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  1. rqqt said, on April 22, 2009 at 20:25

    Marine spawn for A should be a multistoried building, with multiple windows, balconies, ammo dumps.

    Marine would spawn on the upper floors and exit out on the first.

    Or another way: they spawn behind a big wall/fence and have to occupy a tall building looking onto the road, alpha, valley, exiting out of the first floors.

    So this way the valley area, road area is easily defendable, that’s assuming they fix the fucking 203, which they won’t of course.

  2. rqqt said, on April 22, 2009 at 20:28

    Well on a second though, I like sinjar just the way it is ! lawlz

  3. Shlepple said, on May 17, 2009 at 13:55

    i like these suggestions and i would love to see the m203 do more but honestly and sadly the m203 suggestion probably wont be included
    i really REALLY hope the sinjar update doesnt turn out like the buritz update

    do the devs hate marines?

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