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Posted in commentary, insurgency, news by Argyll on June 17, 2009

While the community is losing patience with the developers every day, the team has finally started to speak up and admit to exactly what I had told them over a year ago.

Does that mean ‘Beta 3’ is vaporware?

Straight from the source…


the current dev. process is plagued with some reasonably spotty attendance and lack of interested people applying to fill janitorial work, coders in particular, unfortunately. mostly theorycrafting a game we don’t play. general interest is declining.


We are currently lacking coding development… We are in pretty rough shape code wise.

What Jaboo didn’t say is how he personally drove away one of the most active coders last year due to him taking some initiative and actually updating the source code.


When you say “most of the dev team is gone” yes, you are right. In fact, most of the dev team is working now for professional studios… Yes, we lack sometimes the coding power we would need, or the time, or the energy. Good recruits for things like coding and level design do exist, but they are also scarce.


As for ‘beta 3’ I think we should never have anounced that one, the truth is that we don’t have a coder at this time and probably have to restart the port to the OB engine from 0.

Blue hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what I said over a year ago. The developers should stop kidding themselves with Beta 3. There is a perfectly good version of Insurgency on Source that NEEDS updating. Currently they do not have the resources to do that, beyond updating maps.

Speaking of maps… Where is Karam? Unfortunately the developers drove Majoris (maker of Buhriz and Iraq War veteran) out of the mod and he has moved on to Resistance and Liberation (a fine example of how a mod team should be operating).

Six months ago, I made a post on how to improve the mod.

Many points easily could have been worked on, but none were.

Developers should be prolonging the length of time that players are engaged in the game, not prolong the time that it takes to develop the mod.

I even suggested to the team over a year ago that I could head up development of the Source version while they concentrated on developing on Orange Box (since they are adament to do so). I even suggested I would find my own team to work on Source. They declined saying that the team would not be divided. That could have saved the mod for the fans and developers.


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  1. Fuzo said, on June 18, 2009 at 07:03

    I was a huge fan of INS, been playing it for a LONG time, but since all the BS that they have been tolding us (community) since September from last year i got tired of the game, tired of waiting, tired of some Moderators arrogance and just stoped playing the game for good. They put it in a way that almost means that we must be quiet no questions ask just because the game is free and they only work on it when they have the time to it…ok thats legit, but once you make a game like this, once you let a community grow the way INS community did, you have to be able to work with them in a positive way and not say the BS that some moderators say like “STFU and stop asking, we will let you know when we want….STFU or you get banned” thats just ridiculous! All people who worked on this game are responsible for what this game achieved but also responsible to all the people that they owe some answers, everyone that is a part of the INS community has the right to know the truth and not be given false expectations or promisses….thats all we ask, the truth! Finally it seems that some info was release and now we can all know whats the near future of INS.
    Argyll made some good points in his statement quote “This is exactly what I said over a year ago. The developers should stop kidding themselves with Beta 3. There is a perfectly good version of Insurgency on Source that NEEDS updating” end of quote.
    This is exactly what they should´ve done! I really hope that there is some hope for this game and i would like to see Argyll making part of it as i feel that most of the people in there right now dont give a shit….

  2. rqqt said, on August 6, 2009 at 12:30

    Sounds to me there’s needs to be some change in leadership.

    But at least jaboo or whatever he’s called is doing some work:

    The other 2 devs set their profile to private so who knows what and if they are doing anything.

    my 2 cents

  3. rqqt said, on August 24, 2009 at 12:19

    agryll checkout

    “Spielmann:Undoubtedly, regular updates have helped the community stay strong. ”

    That made me laugh hehe.

    $10 say they will not fix the exitcamping/spawncamping issues on any of the maps in beta3.

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