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Posted in anecdote, commentary, designtalk, essentials, insurgency, news by Argyll on September 26, 2009

Well, it looks like the developers have prematurely ejaculated once again. As with the first (few?) girl(s) you get with, this likely will happen because of inexperience and over-excitement.

The delay likely stems from the absence of Louti, their programmer, over the past two weeks. One of the brilliant things about Steam is you can see how often users are playing games, or even developing. I pointed that out months ago when I revealed that the current leadership do not even play the mod in public.

For a good time there Louti was actively developing and testing the mod. However he has not been online in 14 days. Nor has he played Insurgency in that time. I’m not trying to say anything bad about Louti, quite the contrary. Without his efforts, there would be no upcoming update. He is probably busy with life, which is understandable and should always take priority.

However of course the developers are trying to save face and say the patch is still being worked on. Apparently only one issue left to fix, and it’s a critical one preventing anything else from being released.

I understand why the developers would want to deliver all the new content at once. But, you know, that is such an out-dated mod update method. Welcome to Steam.

They could have updated the cosmetics by now. Actually, one of the changes are the Iraqi insurgent skins redone by the very talented Splinter. There is no longer a light-camo-pattern jacket (that acts as default for insurgent players until they customize their appearance) that is the source of mistaken identity and many TK’s. I personally suggested to Splinter to replace that jacket with a darker skin. Now, there is a sexy British pattern Republican Guard jacket instead. That is more than just a cosmetic change. That could have prevented numerous friendly fire incidents since it was completed weeks ago… yet remains a promised feature, rather than an actual one.

Where did this upcoming mod update come from anyway? It was quickly announced in early July that there would be a patch.

Allow me tell you a story. It is true.

You probably know by now that I am the founder, and former project director of the mod over the span of five years. One of the turning points of the mod over the years was the addition of Jeremy Blum (the founder and former project director of Red Orchestra) and he brought in some wonderful talent. Jeremy and I had a pretty good dynamic, shared some vision, challenged each other’s visions, and together led the mod to the powerhouse that it became. We recruited many talented developers, and they are responsible for making the mod what it is today.

In late June, myself and Jeremy were talking about the mod. I was keeping him up to speed on the incompetence and inactivity of the current developer leadership, since he has been busy attending college. He still held ‘Super Administrator’ status on the INS Forums. Well, with that status, Jeremy easily could have made any changes to the forums. The Forums is like the capital city of a country, and whomever controls them, controls the mod.

I have been in exile in the hinterland. I have always been a presence and when the timing is right, I would strike where I can. The current developers still trusted Jeremy’s word. Yet, Jeremy still trusts me.

We planned a gathering in Toronto at my house. Myself, Jeremy, and a handful of INS developer alumnus (all of whom have professional experience in the games industry) were to attend and outline the future of the mod.

We were to wage a coup on the leadership and take over the mod on July 4th, while at the meeting.

In the days leading up to that point, we were gaining support from those who we could trust, but unfortunately one of them betrayed us and informed the ‘leadership.’ Jeremy was removed from the ‘Super Administrator’ status and the coup was crushed before it had a chance to begin.

Days later, the developers announced that a patch was already in the works and expect an update soon. It seemed to be a wake-up call for them to get their act together and actually develop the mod they are developers for.

Had the coup succeeded, it could have saved the mod. Now, it’s just the same old bullshit.

We are now thinking of what else we can do for INS. But being honest, there is little that we can still do to help save Insurgency. We might have to let go, which is difficult to do for a project and community that you dedicated years of your life to. We care about the mod and fans very much.

But alas, we will likely just have to draw upon our experience and proof of concept for the next endeavor…


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  1. SnakeDiver said, on September 26, 2009 at 13:40


    Project Drama ftw.

    if (ego > skill || ego > WILL_FOR_PROJECT_SUCCESS) {; }

  2. caughtoffguardoc said, on October 5, 2009 at 02:54

    shame. I can feel Insurgency slipping away even though we still have a sizeable community. Its not been “the summer of updates” which was promised. I understand bugs need to be ironed out before release but smaller updates via steam means less waiting if one part of the update is ready and one is not. Although I’m no coder or developer so I could be completely wrong. I do hope insurgency survives……

  3. Snuffeldjuret said, on October 11, 2009 at 22:21

    I really hope the current team takes the mod to it’s rightful place as the best mod. But I personally feel that there is less players playing every day so it does not look good =(.

    Cheers for interesting reading :P.

  4. ROSS said, on October 18, 2009 at 00:26

    Coups d’etat, traitors, july 4 takeover plots. Damn this blog has more action than a John Grisham novel.

    If only that coup d’etat was successful. That would be a super cool story behind the mod…

  5. Argyll said, on October 18, 2009 at 22:32

    Ross, but that is where the story continues…

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