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The End of The Beginning: Part Two

Posted in anecdote, commentary, designtalk, essentials, insurgency, news, review by Argyll on October 6, 2009

Insurgency is about winning the little moments. That split second it takes to aim your weapon – essentially drawing weapons with one another in a duel – it is that moment you need to beat the most. It is the moment defining your survival. Do you risk shooting from the hip in an attempt to temporarily blind and hopefully giving you time to land the shot? Or do you aim by instinct to land the accurate shot, provided you are quicker on the draw and getting on target?

There are several factors that need to come into place in order to have success. Combat is complex. It is confusing. It is defined by the leadership, communication, and ultimately intelligence of the victorious force. Guerrillas are highly intelligent. There are battles and there are wars.

While I remain ‘Senior Advisor’ of the mod, those channels of communication were cut.

Here is my parting words of advice in regards to improving Insurgency. They must be public in order for them to find you.

1. Abandon Beta 3, it is a waste of time to just explore the technology while you could be working on improving the current Source version of the mod.

2. Release what you have so far in the patch, even if it’s only cosmetic. Give the community something – you make them suffer far too much for a released game that only needs improvement. I took it through the toughest times to get it started and off the ground running. I envy you can lead the development on the released product. Yet, you do nothing.

3. Understand your audience, but more importantly understand your topic. What separated us from everyone else was we seemed to know what we were talking about when it came to representation of contemporary war. You easily could market the mod that way, but do not have the vision in that area.

4. Recognize talent. It stares you in the face. More importantly, recognize the lack of talent. Jeremy was my Art Director. Who is yours? What is their contribution?

That’s all big picture stuff. Do you want me to go into more detail?



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  1. bcarr said, on October 10, 2009 at 14:55

    It’s pretty rough, Alderman just filled me in on what happened and pointed me here.

    I was once a part of a HL mod community that wanted to have the same thing happen for it. It got to the point where testing was a joke because there was nothing to test for weeks, even months. I had fun playing the game, but the upgraded Source version seemed to become its own vaporware.

    I sympathize with your position, Argyll and I do agree on your points to move forward for the mod. If what I’m hearing is true about the mod and people leaving it, something released is better than nothing.

  2. Espionage said, on October 12, 2009 at 00:50

    hey man i been reading your posts since one of the heads of the aus/nz INS community put up a link. it appears you have the right head for what the mod should be. you probably know that the mid September update which was to introduce major fixes and new insurgent models and weapon models has still not surfaced. its currently the 12th of October and INS mod has survived arma2, America’s army 3 and most likely will survive operation flashpoint 2 due to its console nature. but i know the number in players will drop especially when more popular games come out, the mods release on steam attracted more players. but with half assed maps like karam which only the Alpha objective was detailed, the rest collapsed. that was released in a shoddy ‘update’ after months of development, things like this break a community, well only thing you could do is keep posting or if you really wanted do something simular like the person in the link i will provide did.

  3. devgroup said, on October 18, 2009 at 00:43

    Hopefully the next game is not gonna be Source based. No more hitscan hehe.

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