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Posted in commentary, insurgency by Argyll on December 16, 2009

A fair assessment of the community from a player’s perspective. It generally matches mine, although I could go into much more detail on how to solve the issues outlined below:

player numbers tend to either go up or decline. patches sometimes ruin the game like in this current version alot of people crash after round win or 3rd round ect. the dev team has told us what they have planned, mind you these are big things but it appears to be a slow progression process so fans get restless at the little progress being made for what ever reasons, and rebellious due to well the game which still has its share of flaws. supporting this mod is just about the same way you play the mod, slow and patiently. the numbers as i said arent stable, cos well people grow tired of the mod, move on to other games or games which have just come out (ins mod survived arma2 and operation flashpoint 2 and americas army 3, but has suffered since mw2 came out) also mod flaws, or just give up on the mod.

the community is strong in a sense, alot complain but they still stay cos they enjoy the mod and theres nothing else out that simulates the experience better. also alot of the community have been playing it since it was first released and the community itself is made up of older blood (new blood being people who have just introduced themselves to the mod), i myself have not always been active on these forums but have been playing the mod since it was released. i must also say the real fun is not only on a pub server but in clan matches.



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  1. LMC said, on December 16, 2009 at 15:30

    This guy should be careful with what he says. Endless one of the mods on the forum, doesn’t really like any kind of criticism. Byzanman might find his posts deleted, his account banned. Just an observation ;)

  2. -|TDB|-NiK said, on December 16, 2009 at 22:15

    I do believe that Ins is an one-of-a-kind mod. Surprisingly there are not a lot of ‘realistic’ combat mods out there. There are many who try to develop such games but they don’t realize how much work and support they need to accomplish a playable mod or game. Hostile Intent for Half-Life is a great example. It was and still is one of my favorite mods. It is probably more ‘realistic’ and more objective oriented than Insurgency. I was really looking forward to their ‘Phoenix Project’ (source mod), but the community slowely died off and so did the devs’ interest.

    I am surprised that Ins survived for so long. However given some of the great things that the game was based on, I am happy it did. This game requires the most squad teamwork that I’ve seen in my years of gaming. Only ‘Project Reality’ (a mod for Battle Field 2) compares, but it is a different game all together.

    I would hate to see the community deterred from the game because of some choices that the devs may make. However I believe that the community should not only critique the game (which we should always, for any game), but rather, we should focus on figuring out a way to help the developers. Either by contributing to making the game, giving ideas, or helping to grow the community. I am not really up to speed with the facts and dramas that have been going on in the Ins developers circle, but if we, as a community, want to see Insurgency grow and not die out, we need to help it. And to do this, we need to follow the legacy of Insurgency and work together to achieve the common goal. ;)


  3. Snuffeldjuret said, on December 28, 2009 at 01:32

    A big problem is that the community is working against itself, rather than together =(.

    And the competetive scene isn’t as “efficient” as it should be. But again, this is mostly a community issue.

    But as the post said: The updates are to rare, so that the bugs/exploits that cannot really be regulted by rules will ruin a lot of the fun in clan wars.

    As a clan leader I find myself worried that my teammates accidently break any moral rules or enters the grey zones, just because there are soooo many and they “never get fixed” :P.

  4. Dylan (aka Ghost) said, on January 5, 2010 at 06:16

    Dont forget Firearms.

  5. byzantine90 (aka espionage) said, on January 10, 2010 at 19:46

    when i posted what i did i did it in answer to someones question if i remember correctly it was something to do with firstly how the community was and why it was going down hill. they can ban me if it pleases them but it appears my post had more of an impact than i predicted. which is good, seeing as its better than to die as a shatterd jewel than live like an intact floor tile.

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