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Introducing: Karbala

Posted in customizing, essentials, insurgency, level design, news, preview by Argyll on May 29, 2009

Check here for detailed information about a new INS custom  map, based on Karbala, Iraq, created by Kanar.


Hermes beta 4

Posted in customizing, essentials, insurgency, level design, news by Argyll on October 24, 2008

cincinnati has updated one of the best custom maps for INS: Hermes

Go download and play:

Looking for server partnership

Posted in customizing, essentials, insurgency, level design by Argyll on October 18, 2008

INS Legacy is looking to team up with a popular Insurgency server to host a server-side only gameplay changing patch that is designed to enhance the tactical experience of Insurgency.

The players will not need to download anything to play the patch, only the server uploads modified IMC2 files. These files were designed to be modify the following gameplay data: Reinforcement wave amounts, emergency reinforcement amounts, time limit, reinforcement time limits, objective capture times, objective capture player requirement.

Be the first of what we hope will be many alternative gameplay servers providing a better Insurgency experience.

Please contact Argyll over Steam or e-mail inslegacy @ gmail .com

PREVIEW: Helmand by Majoris

Posted in customizing, insurgency, level design, news, preview by Argyll on July 16, 2008

Majoris, obviously the busiest level designer for Insurgency, has provided us with a (50%) exclusive update of his custom level Helmand:

Word is that it will remain a custom level, which means we won’t have to wait for another official patch for the opportunity to play the revised map.

Along with cosmetic changes to appear more Afghan-esque, gameplay sees a change from Firefight mode to Battle or Push.

TWEAK: Disable start-up video

Posted in customizing, essentials, insurgency by Argyll on July 9, 2008

The Insurgency logo start-up video is nice to look at the first two times, but after that it gets kind of annoying hitting the esc-key to skip it.

Here is an extremely simple tweak to disable the start-up video:

  1. Open your Insurgency directory
  2. Go into the ‘media‘ folder
  3. Open the ‘StartupVids‘ file in Notepad
  4. The contents of the file will look like:
    • //Put video entries here to be played before the game startsmedia/ins_one.avi
  5. Simply put a // in front of the second line:
    • //Put video entries here to be played before the game starts// media/ins_one.avi
  6. Save the file, start up Insurgency to see if the video plays. If the video still plays, ask for help in the comments below!

WEAPON: M4 w/grip + EOTECH sight by Twinke & Powerskull

Posted in customizing, review by Argyll on July 6, 2008


Authors: INS Team, Twinke Masta, Powerskull

Review: This is one of the most popular custom weapon models. It replaces the iron sights on the M4 (vertical grip) with an EOTECH sight.

Very accurate, easy to use, with larger area to see while aiming.

Sight picture (click to view large):

Goes great with: U.S. Army ACU


SKIN: Luger’s U.S. Army ACU

Posted in customizing, essentials, review by Argyll on July 5, 2008


Author: Luger

Review: If you are looking to fight for (or against) the U.S. Army in INS, then you have found the right skin.

In some real-life pictures of the ACU camouflage pattern, it looks somewhat blue. In others, it looks completely different, and blends nicely with the desert surroundings. The same is with this skin in game.

It makes opposing this team a little more difficult in some terrains, as the camouflage tends to blend in well. But that can enhance the intensity of the experience.

Goes great with: M4+EOTECH