INS Legacy

Introducing: Karbala

Posted in customizing, essentials, insurgency, level design, news, preview by Argyll on May 29, 2009

Check here for detailed information about a new INS customĀ  map, based on Karbala, Iraq, created by Kanar.


PREVIEW: Helmand by Majoris

Posted in customizing, insurgency, level design, news, preview by Argyll on July 16, 2008

Majoris, obviously the busiest level designer for Insurgency, has provided us with a (50%) exclusive update of his custom level Helmand:

Word is that it will remain a custom level, which means we won’t have to wait for another official patch for the opportunity to play the revised map.

Along with cosmetic changes to appear more Afghan-esque, gameplay sees a change from Firefight mode to Battle or Push.

PREVIEW: Mosul by Majoris

Posted in insurgency, preview by Argyll on July 14, 2008

INS level designer Majoris has posted to his portfolio website a handful of screenshots from his next project, Mosul.