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The End of The Beginning: Part One

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I know Insurgency inside and out. I have the benefit of seeing it from all perspectives: founder, designer, developer, producer, director, and fan.

I am now writing a series of articles outlining my final thoughts on Insurgency. It is time to move on. There is so much potential for INS, yet those who currently control decisions for the mod do not recognize its potential. I did everything in my power (see article below) to save the project and the vision from the clutches that now hold it.

Their loss. The next project’s gain.

My day job currently is a Graphic Designer – which I am self-taught as a result of making websites for Insurgency over the years (in fact the current design was originally designed by me, and still uses tables, ugh!).

I have also worked as a freelance photojournalist – taking photographs and shooting/editing/producing videos – for the largest newspapers in Canada (and the occasional international publication).

I even produced a 12-part series on Leadership, filming and editing interviews of 12 CEO’s and leaders in major Canadian organizations. This was for The Globe and Mail, and for the same department that just won an Emmy (no, I did not work on the project that won, but I know who did).

As Insurgency was released in July 2007, I was beginning a two-month trip to Europe in between my fast-track summer program (instead of doing a whole first year, since I taught myself news photography while at my university’s student newspaper) and second year of Photojournalism at college.

By the end of July 2007, I was sitting in an internet cafe in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. It was before Kosovo declared independence. I could walk out the door of that cafe and look to my right, and see the UN Headquarters. Swedish military vehicles patrolled the streets.

In the town of Kosovska Mitrovica, I crossed a bridge under watch of French snipers and patrols. Signs warned against any assembly of crowds. That bridge divided the Serbs from the Albanians in the town, and is a reflection of the division of the country. I still have 710 Serbian dinar in my wallet that I can’t get exchanged anywhere.

Oh, back to the cafe. I wrote a proposal while sitting in that cafe. I had always thought that Insurgency should expand beyond the over-exposed desert settings (but they keep things contemporary), and move to a European setting. Originally, it was going to depict the 1990’s conflict in the Balkans, notably Croatia and Bosnia. To get to Kosovo, I was in the city of Mostar to get on a bus to Sarajevo while en route.

I walked the streets of where we were going to depict the war in the game. I had a camera the whole time. Not only did I walk the streets. I met, interviewed, and photographed, Albin Kurti the leading activist for VETËVENDOSJE! (Albanian meaning: Self-Determination) at his apartment where he is under house arrest. I still get their newsletter sent to my e-mail.

The current plans for Insurgency ‘Beta 3’ remain as the depiction of Kosovo (which was voted by the team members in 2007 over depicting North Korea). Yet, the same people developing that idea still don’t recognize the value of my experience in Kosovo.

Nor do they value the experience or talent of Iraq war veteran and level designer of ins_Buhriz – Mike Majoris. In the depiction of the Iraq War setting for a game, what better resource to have but someone who has been there engaged in the very war you are depicting?

Another INS Alumni level designer now working for Crytek volunteered to help Insurgency… until he was driven from the team by the current ‘leadership’.

The original creators of Insurgency matured quicker than the mod itself, especially their talent.

Those whom are left over carry a legacy greater than the ‘Insurgency’ project itself. INS is only the beginning of a look at the representation of war in reality-based games.


About fucking time…

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My comment in the interview:

Wow… regular updates? Hardly. Solidifying the community? They have done nothing but alienate it.

They are finally listening to what I told them well over a year ago, except at that time, they rejected any idea of refining the current Source version and wanted to concentrate solely on Beta 3. They labeled the former Project Director (me) crazy and banned him, to this day, from the community he established.

If it wasn’t for the fine efforts of Louti and Splinter and others who are giving the code and content a boost, the mod was on the brink of death. There has hardly been dedication from the ‘leadership’ towards the project or fans, but only themselves as they latch onto the success of a mod that launched so many careers for the talented developers before them. Except they have barely done anything for it.

Until now… bravo! Glad to see you have finally come around to the idea of improving the mod, Pablo. It’s about fucking time.

I’m also glad to see the ideas and feedback that I proposed well over a year ago finally coming through into the upcoming release. Not because they are ‘my ideas’ because obviously you chose not to listen, and discovered them for yourselves… I’m glad because the players finally get the mod fixed.

Too bad it took a near-loss of control for you to finally wake up and smell the cordite.

Release date for patch?
Insurgency Mod Former Project Director
Modern Infantry Combat for HL2 IRC: #insurgency

viva ins!

Teamwork gameplay

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This video is candid gameplay footage, experienced in a public server, demonstrating the teamwork and tactical design features working as envisioned by Argyll, the founder, former project director and original designer of the Source mod Insurgency.

This match was not set up prior to recording, nor did the players know that it was being recorded.

It features the level ins_buhriz, set in Iraq, by Mike Majoris.

Featuring custom Canadian skins by Meeshman.
The HUD is disabled.

Legacy Steam Community

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Argyll has launched a Steam Community for INS Legacy.

Join us at:

Also, we would like to launch a recurring feature called ‘Design Talk’ which will take a look at various features of INS.  We are looking for ideas on what to discuss, so if you can think of a good topic that needs to be discussed, then feel free to leave a comment below.

For the first DT article, we will have a look at the Sinjar level and how the new changes in 2.1 can make or break the map.

Viva la revolución

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Long live Insurgency!

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